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what models of mercedes benz come with manual transmission - over here in germany most mercedes cars are available with manual transmission as a rule of thumb you can say that every mercedes with 4 and 6 cylinder engine is available with manual trans exception all s class cars have auto trans even the s250cdi with 4 cylinder diesel engine, mercedes benz manual transmission models cars sport news - 2018 mercedes benz s class cabriolet review design specs price most exquisite mercedes benz models from their flagship s class have just lately been redesigned but topless coupes are continue to unavailable, that came with a manual transmission feature car and - mercedes redesigned its top of the line sl roadster in 1989 for the 1990 model year and the most attention from shoppers and reviewers alike went to the v 8 powered automatic only 500sl, mercedes benz manual transmission models 2018 2019 - reviews new cars mercedes benz manual transmission models specification new cars mercedes benz manual transmission models car insurance for mercedes benz manual transmission models new cars price, the 20 best cars that still offer a manual transmission - the manual transmission is on the endangered species list every year fewer and fewer cars are offered with a clutch and a shifter why americans just don t want to be bothered with the chore of, can you still get a luxury car with a manual transmission - manual transmissions are also still widely available in the bmw lineup as the sporty luxury brand offers the feature in most versions of its z4 roadster 2 series 3 series sedan and 4 series coupe including the high performance m3 and m4, future models 2019 mercedes amg project one - explore specifications safety features photo and videos for the entire mercedes benz luxury vehicle line up compare performance and luxury sedans coupes convertibles crossover suvs and wagons build your own mercedes benz or contact a dealer, every new car you can still buy with a manual transmission - stick shifts aren t dead yet people proving so here are nearly 50 new cars that still offer a manual transmission read the full list at car and driver, buyer s guide every manual transmission vehicle available - out of 226 new vehicle models for sale in the us only 34 79 models even offer a manual transmission several manual models went away for the 2018 model year 54 5 of the subcompact and compact cars with manual transmissions get poorer fuel economy than the same cars with automatic or continuously variable transmissions, mercedes benz g class 2002 2018 w463 transmission page 1 - note hand pump fluid filler used to fill transmissions differentials and transfer cases for mercedes benz vehicles with a 722 9 automatic transmission using a 12 x 1 5 mm adapter hand pump dispenses efficiently