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great northern railway great britain wikipedia - the great northern railway gnr was a british railway company established by the great northern railway act of 1846 on 1 january 1923 the company lost its identity as a constituent of the newly formed london and north eastern railway the main line ran from london king s cross via hitchin peterborough and grantham to york with a loop line from peterborough to bawtry south of doncaster, great central railway east coast services from the humber - great central railway manchester sheffield lincolnshire railway this page is devoted to postcards and photographs of the continental services of the great central railway gcr, a brief history of kingston upon hull local histories - a brief history of kingston upon hull england by tim lambert hull in the middle ages the town of hull was founded late in the 12th century the monks of meaux abbey needed a port where the wool from their estates could be exported, the site for information on keels and sloops in the humber - messrs r s abbott co lime street groves hull shamrock schooner built in 1863 for r gillian middlesborough for the stockton coastal trade 76 tons 74 x 18 x 9 ft captain j longstaff 1870 built 1863 shamrock schooner official no 47054 registered middlesborough 77 tons for robert gillian middlesborough 1880 registered glasgow for robert gillian glasgow 1890 1910, the hull blitz a hull bomb map rob haywood - the hull blitz a bombing map and a testament to fortitude being a street plan of kingston upon hull circa 1945 plotting the position of all he bombs and parachute mines, military gallery search results - at 11 00am on friday 11 november 1918 the guns along the western front fell silent germany in retreat and humiliated by the failure of its great spring offensive had sued for peace and an armistice had finally been signed, an a z of important dates in british history - over 1000 historic dates crucial to britain a detailed timeline of the events that have shaped british history we have aimed to have been as inclusive as possible and this section is being continually added to