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yarn harlot the secret life of a knitter stephanie pearl - yarn harlot the secret life of a knitter stephanie pearl mcphee on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers stephanie pearl mcphee s deepest wish is that everyone understand that knitting is at least as fun as baseball and way cooler than the evil looped path of crochet every project, all wound up the yarn harlot writes for a spin stephanie - stephanie pearl mcphee is the author of several books and three collections of essays yarn harlot free range knitter and all wound up two of those are new york times best sellers which both stephanie and her mum are really proud of she maintains a popular virtual home at www yarnharlot ca and a less organized and popular actual home in toronto canada, teachers 2019 dfw fiber fest - alissa barton alissa learned to knit at the age of 4 and has rarely been seen without needles since she began teaching knitting in high school in michigan to interested friends and in local yarn shops in 1989, the top 100 best knitting blogs websites and knitting - why we love it chic knits knit blog background includes training and commercial work in fashion photography and graphic design and soon those skills merged with her passion for fiber fit and finish it has evolved into a collection of many resources for knitters find chic knits knit blog on twitter facebook instagram art of yarn by sally mahood, list of old english occupations and descriptions - obscure old english census occupations below is a list of some of the more obscure occupations that you may find on the english census during your genealogy research