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2 corinthians the ivp new testament commentary linda l - 2 corinthians the ivp new testament commentary linda l belleville on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers though few church squabbles today come close to matching the intensity and seriousness of what paul faced in the commercial and hedonistic hotbed of corinth, revelation ivp new testament commentary j ramsey - retired seminary professor michaels has written a sound commentary as you would expect coming from ivp he has the advantage of having taught revelation over many years in seminary college and church the result is a mature reflective commentary, tyndale new testament commentaries intervarsity press - the tyndale new testament commentaries have long been a trusted resource for bible study written by some of the world s most distinguished evangelical scholars these twenty volumes offer clear reliable and relevant explanations of every book in the new testament, the baker exegetical commentary on the new testament - the baker exegetical commentary on the new testament becnt one of today s most respected sources for new testament exegetical studies equips you to know the gospel better praised for its thoughtful scholarship for studying pastors and its readability for inquiring lay people the becnt is a standard exegetical commentary for any bible study library, tyndale commentaries 49 vols logos bible software - this massive collection from ivp combines the tyndale old testament commentary totc and the tyndale new testament commentary tntc to provide an exposition of scripture that is thorough and abreast of modern scholarship yet at the same time loyal to scripture as the infallible word of god the tyndale commentary series has long been a trusted resource for bible study, academic titles textbooks intervarsity press - ivp academic is the academic publishing imprint of intervarsity press we publish titles and textbooks that facilitate the broader conversations that are taking place in the academy and the church, paul the apostle wikipedia - the main source for information about paul s life is the material found in his epistles and in acts however the epistles contain little information about paul s past